Elevate Your Health with Cleaner Family Supplements: A Path to Wellness

Sep 20, 2023 | Beauty & Wellness

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Embarking on a journey towards a cleaner, healthier, and more holistic lifestyle for your family is so commendable … but it’s important to acknowledge that this path isn’t always easy, and perfection is not the goal. Over the past six years, my family and I have taken steps to transform our lives, and while we’re far from flawless, we’ve made significant progress.

Cleaner Family Supplements

Swapping out cleaning products is a really great, accessible starting point to work toward eliminating harmful chemicals from your home. Another simple but impactful category to tackle is supplements and over-the-counter medications. In this post, I’ll share a few swaps my family has made that I have been really happy with … and remember, it’s not about perfection – it’s about progress and sustainability!

1. Heartburn Tablets: Heartburn is a common issue in many households, and it’s something my husband and mother-in-law have dealt with in spades. Surprisingly, we’ve found that most heartburn medications are not meant for extended use due to causing potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies (and even risks of stomach cancer). We’ve recently switched to WonderBelly tablets, which don’t have a lot of the harmful ingredients you’ll find in many popular brands (talc, titanium dioxide, dyes, etc) … plus it’s non GMO, vegan, clean label, gluten free, etc. While I’m still doing some research on them, so far we’ve had great success with these tablets.

2. Allergy Medication: Allergies are something new for me. Since moving to Tennessee I have had allergies like you wouldn’t believe (literally giving me nausea-inducing vertigo at times). Because of my reactions, I had found myself in a state of taking medications every single day to combat this annoyance. One day I was talking to my chiropractor, and he recommended Antronex, a supplement made from Bovine Liver Extract. Skeptical at first, I began taking Antronex alongside my regular allergy pills. Eventually, I gained enough confidence to switch completely, and I was honestly amazed at how well it worked – and I’ve turned many local friends into fans as well. Antronex supports the body’s natural detoxification system and has been a game-changer for our family’s allergy management. VERY rarely I’ll find that I’ll need to take standard medication to keep me going during the most allergen-heavy weeks of the year. But I’ll take it!

3. Beef Organs: Organ meats are some of the most nutrient-dense foods out there. For example, liver, often considered one of the best organ meats, is packed with essential nutrients like vitamins A, B12, and folate, along with minerals like iron and zinc. These nutrients play crucial roles in maintaining healthy skin, eyes, immune system function, and cognitive health. Organ meats are also rich in high-quality bio-available protein, which is essential for muscle growth and repair. Consuming organ meats can be an efficient way to ensure your body gets a wide range of essential nutrients, but not everyone enjoys consuming them (including me). That’s where beef organ capsules come in. These supplements contain liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, and spleen, providing comprehensive support for your body’s vital organs. Since incorporating them into my routine, I’ve experienced increased energy levels, and I’ve even noticed that my blood work has improved since I’ve regularly started taking these. While it may sound unusual, it’s a simple way to incorporate much-needed vitamins into your day.

4. Energy Powder: Do you (or your husband) frequently partake in energy drinks or shots? Honestly, my husband does way more than I do. Did you know energy drinks are HORRIBLE for you?! Many contain stimulants and additives which can lead to jitteriness, anxiety, and digestive problems. For those moments when an energy boost is needed, let’s switch to something better! Unlike conventional energy supplements filled with chemicals, my favorite energy powder sticks are convenient and packed with vitamins and adaptogens that give you energy while enhancing focus and mood – while incorporating good-for-you ingredients.

5. Sleep Drops: Sleep supplements have become an incredibly popular solution for those struggling with insomnia or restless nights. However, the reliance on over-the-counter sleep aids can disrupt your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, leading to a dependency on these supplements just to fall asleep. This vicious cycle can be counterproductive and impact your overall health. In my experience, I’ve witnessed many family members caught in this pattern. That’s why I was thrilled when my partner company introduced their sleep drops. This innovative tincture incorporate ingredients like l-theanine, GABA, and 5-HTP, which signal your brain to relax and promote restful sleep. The best part? Unlike some sleep aids, they won’t leave you feeling groggy in the morning!

Remember, the path to a cleaner and healthier lifestyle is personal and unique to each family. Not every swap I’ve made will necessarily work for you, but I encourage you to take steps that align with your family’s needs and values. Progress may be gradual, but every positive change contributes to a healthier and happier life. Keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your journey toward a cleaner lifestyle is a process worth celebrating.

Cleaner Family Supplements


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