Embrace the Power of Clean and Cozy Autumn Scents for a Blissful Season

Sep 15, 2023 | Lifestyle

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Autumn, my personal favorite season (second only to Christmas), is a time when nature puts on a spectacular show. As the leaves turn golden and the temperatures cool, a sense of tranquility and warmth develops. It’s a season of cherished memories – from family trick-or-treating adventures to apple-picking escapades with my boys. What adds an extra layer of charm to this season? The delightful scents that fill the air.

Clean and Cozy Autumn Scents

The aromas of apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, and spices create an inviting atmosphere that’s synonymous with fall. However, in recent years, I’ve embarked on a journey to create a healthier and more natural home environment for my family. This includes phasing out chemical-laden “fragrance” products, a category that, sadly, encompasses many of my beloved candles and air fresheners.

Thankfully, I’ve discovered some truly incredible naturally-based “clean” alternatives that allow me to relive those cherished autumn memories and create new ones for my boys – with that incredible backdrop of scents we’ll never forget.

Essential Oils: Nature’s Purest Scents

First and foremost on my list are essential oils. I’ve become a bit obsessed with diffusers and now have at least one in every room of my house. When it comes to clean scents, you can’t get more natural than the essence of plants combined with water. While there are many blends available, I’ve been particularly enjoying Doterra’s new Abode blend. It’s a fantastic choice for those who prefer not to mix their own scent profiles. While it’s suitable for year-round use, it’s not quite as autumnal as I tend to prefer, so I add in clove oil for added spice.

Beyond diffusing, I use oils in our cleaning products, DIY linen sprays, and combined with baking soda for spaces like closets and bathrooms. My personal favorite blend for the cooler seasons is a mixture of Orange, On Guard, and Ginger or Clove – it’s like autumn in a bottle.

Pura Plug-In: High-Tech, Clean Scents

If essential oils aren’t your cup of tea, another household favorite of mine is the Pura plug-in. It’s the traditional method you might be familiar with, but with a modern twist and cleaner scents. This is an excellent choice if you’re new to the “crunchy” lifestyle and looking to gradually remove chemicals from your home. Pura even offers a fragrance quiz to help you discover a “signature” scent you’ll love year-round.

This autumn, Pura boasts several exciting scents, including Pumpkin Chai, Oktoberfest, Bonfire Nights, and Simmered Cider. For winter, I’m eager to try Frasier Fir, Tinsel & Spice, and Gingerbread. An added bonus: you can use two fragrances at once in your plug-in and set them to alternate, so you never tire of the scent.

Clean Candles: The Pretty Necessity

I’ll admit it; sometimes you just need a beautiful candle to burn. It’s the ultimate cozy experience, right? In my quest for cleaner options, I’ve come across Fontana Candle Co. These candles boast clean ingredients, wood wicks, and essential oils for fragrance. So when you’re in the mood for a candlelit evening, these are fantastic choices.


Have you discovered the perfect clean, cozy home scent for autumn? Drop a comment below and share your findings. I’ll compile the best recommendations and feature them on Instagram and Pinterest, ensuring that everyone can embrace the warm, inviting scents of the season.

Clean and Cozy Autumn Scents


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