Captivating Family Photo Style: Elevate Your Portrait Game with These Chic Ideas

Sep 13, 2023 | Lifestyle

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It’s that exciting time of year when families start contemplating “Fall Minis:” The season for photoshoots to ensure your Christmas cards are ready before the holiday rush. We might not be the family that schedules professional photos annually, but there was one beach photo session that changed my perspective entirely.

Our Family Photo Style

With my type A brain, planning our family photo style began about a month ahead. I wanted these photos to be more than seasonal; I aimed for them to seamlessly blend into our home’s vibe. Scouring Pinterest for inspiration beyond the typical white shirts and blue jeans, I finally settled on neutrals. I was eager to explore the realm of contrasting lights and darks, a style that truly reflects “us.”

My husband, a tech enthusiast, practically lives in black clothing, so I decided to embrace it without turning us into a matching, monochromatic family. I have a stunning creamy cotton/linen maxi dress that I adore (it’s the Mira Kaftan Dress from World Market), and my husband has a chic charcoal button-up shirt, paired with white “jean” shorts. I found our boys’ outfits entirely at Old Navy … they sported dark gray chino-style pants and neutral t-shirts. Since we’d be at the beach, shoes weren’t a concern, knowing we’d kick them off for the photos.

This color scheme worked wonders and looked astonishing against the beach backdrop. The dark accents added a refreshing twist to the usual beach photo attire. Our photographer picked a location with sand dunes and the sunset behind us, offering a beautiful contrast with the jetty’s dark rocks. We even ventured into the water for some incredibly moody shots.

In our modern-transitional home with its neutral palette and touches of black, these photos fit perfectly. If you’re planning your family photos this season, I highly recommend opting for a neutral color palette with hints of charcoal or black. It’s unique and exudes timeless elegance.

Remember, you don’t have to match; just ensure you coordinate – that’s the essence of “effortless” style in your family photos.

So, how will you elevate your family photo style this year?

Family Photo Style


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