Embrace a Winter Morning Routine: Tips for Starting 2024 Intentionally

Jan 4, 2024 | Lifestyle

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“What’s your word of the year?”
“What are your goals and resolutions for 2024?”
Do these sound familiar? Do they excite you for times to come, or make you anxious, wishing time would just slow down a little bit?

As we welcome the new year, it’s fascinating to observe the contradiction that arises—the ancient wisdom of winter’s slow rhythm versus the modern-day urge to accelerate. Winter historically beckons extended rest, a time of hibernation to rejuvenate the body and spirit. However, in today’s world of constant connectivity and ceaseless pursuits, these natural rhythms have been somewhat misplaced.

Personally, I find solace in the cold months, relishing brief moments outdoors during early morning sunrises or cocooning within my warm home, crafting stews and homemade bread. Winter signifies a time for nurturing my family, embracing the season’s offerings of comfort. One of the reasons I created this space is for those of us who choose to live intentionally—to resist the hurried pace that often leaves us feeling out of sorts amidst today’s culture.

There’s a struggle within this juxtaposition of the new year and winter. I (and I suspect you, too) face the challenges of January—a time when the allure of hibernation clashes with the return to routine. Our family must balance restarting homeschool lessons with dad returning to the office, while I manage the typical work-from-home mom duties. As I’ve mentioned before, women experience ebbs and flows in productivity due to hormones, and our Creator has designed us to embrace everything in its season—acknowledging these patterns honors our innate nature within a constantly moving world.

In my quest to blend the drive for self-improvement with the desire for a slower seasonal pace, establishing a winter morning routine has helped me find balance. With a myriad of amazing tips and tricks available, I’ve gathered and started implementing a few favorites. If you’ve felt the same pull to improve yourself while embracing the slow pace of winter, I’ve curated a resource just for you. It’s a compilation of my favorite morning routine tips, sparing you the overwhelming search across the internet! These recommendations aim to bring balance within yourself and your family, offering that slow living feel while prioritizing health, happiness, and productivity.

Personally, I’ve begun incorporating small changes, like prioritizing protein before coffee, and it has been wonderful—I’m excited for you to try it too!

Create Your Winter Morning Routine

This resource encapsulates highly recommended activities, fostering health and happiness while honoring the unhurried essence of the season. Additionally, customizable printable morning routine cards are included for your family, facilitating a fresh start post-holidays.

Join me in stepping into the new year with a newfound focus on health, happiness, and honoring the beautiful pace of winter. Wishing you all a joyous and fulfilling new year!


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