DIY Hope Themed Advent Ornament for a Meaningful Season

Dec 7, 2023 | Lifestyle

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This year, I’m thrilled to offer a Christ-centered advent reading series to all my subscribers, focusing on the essence of the Christmas season. These readings, delivered via email each Sunday, will serve as an anchor for us to pause, reflect, and cherish the profound messages pointing to the birth of Jesus. Through this week’s reading, we’ve immersed ourselves in the promises foretold by the prophets, offering reassurance and anticipation. We are reminded not only of Jesus’ birth but also of the profound hope we hold onto today—the promise of His triumphant return, igniting hope in our hearts.

To complement this week’s theme, I have a wonderful craft idea for your family—an enchanting hope themed advent ornament. Crafted with wooden clothespins and adorned with scripture banners, these ornaments will serve as tangible reminders of the hope that glimmers throughout this season.

To create these ornaments, you’ll need wooden clothespins, simple crafting materials, and a dash of creativity. As your family creates these ornaments together, it’s a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the true essence of hope and its significance in our lives.

Materials Needed:

  • 4 regular wooden clothespins (metal springs removed)
  • 4 small wooden clothespins (metal springs removed)
  • Cardstock / printer paper / construction paper
  • Twine / ribbon
  • Hot glue / super glue
  • Scissors
  • Gold or silver paint (optional)

How to make a hope themed advent ornament

Start this craft adventure by preparing the materials. Now, it’s time for some hands-on creativity! Gather the kiddos and hand them each 8 halves of the larger clothespins and 8 halves of the smaller ones. My older kids and I went for hot glue on this project because, let’s face it, time is precious. But if you’re concerned about burns, opt for superglue – it just takes a bit longer to set. Remember, patience is key!

Now, for the crafty part: glue the flat ends of each clothespin set together. Voilà! You’ll end up with 4 smaller pieces and 4 larger pieces. Connect the sizes together to create a large plus sign and a small one. Then, set the larger plus sign on the table, and offset the smaller on on top (it’ll make an X shape).  Tada! Your star is born!

The finishing touches make it sparkle. Grab a piece of twine or ribbon (at least 7 inches long) for the ornament hanger. Find the center of the twine and glue it to the backside of your star where you want the top to be. If you’re feeling artsy, a coat of gold or silver paint can add that extra flair. I even whipped up a printable page with scripture banners for your ornaments. Simply print and cut the ones that resonate with your heart. Prefer to create your own? Aim for a size of approximately six inches by one inch.

The real beauty of this craft is its connection to this week’s advent theme of hope. These ornaments not only add joy to your home but also provide an opportunity for the little ones to hide a verse of hope in their hearts. It’s a wonderful way to reinforce the spirit of the season.

    I pray that this season is filled with eager anticipation for your family, cherishing quiet moments together while honoring the true meaning of Christmas. To receive the 2023 weekly advent readings, sign up for the newsletter here.


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