Creating a Lasting Healthy Living Legacy for Generations

Oct 6, 2023 | Lifestyle, Beauty & Wellness

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Navigating the path of a healthy living legacy can often feel like an immense and daunting journey. The pursuit of a cleaner, more holistic lifestyle for our families is laden with challenges, choices, and continuous learning. From scrutinizing product labels for harmful ingredients to exploring holistic health alternatives and delving into the world of sustainable food practices, it’s a journey that can leave us feeling exhausted. To add to the complexity, it seems like every day, new revelations surface about the potential hazards lurking in products we once considered safe. If you’re treading this path, you understand the weight of this responsibility all too well.


Creating a Healthy Living Legacy …

Last night, as I tended to my youngest, who was struggling with allergies and a stuffy nose, I was reminded of the profound impact our choices can have. Before bedtime, he had asked for a supplement we regularly use to support our liver health, made from wholesome beef liver oil. Later, he came downstairs to me seeking out peppermint oil to ease his discomfort. In that simple, yet significant moment, the fatigue and burden I sometimes feel vanished. It was a poignant reminder that what we do is worth it – and our kiddos do pay attention (even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it).

I want to encourage you, dear mama who is also on this transformative journey. I know the weight of this season can be overwhelming. Sometimes, just adhering to the status quo seems like the easier path; and the world often nudges us in that direction. It’s challenging to carry the intense responsibility of nurturing these little souls, especially when it involves making choices that run counter to what society presents as the norm.

Yet, every action you take, every piece of knowledge you impart, and every healthy choice you make has the power to change the course of a generation. We are instilling wisdom and understanding into our children’s hearts, knowledge that has been lost over time. This wisdom will be passed down through the ages, shaping the legacy we leave behind. Sometimes, I’m struck by how many things my great-grandmother effortlessly knew… things I’m now struggling to learn and master.

If my words seem unfamiliar, and you’re not quite sure what I’m talking about, take a moment to visit my about page. There, I share my deep-rooted belief in returning to the wisdom of the past, a wisdom that has been buried beneath layers of modern living. Despite the challenges, doubts, and moments when it feels like too much, remember this: your calling is worth it. God has a profound purpose for you and your family. On days when it all feels overwhelming, know that He is your strength.

Can you imagine the tremendous reward when we witness the impact of our choices on our children and grandchildren? I promise you, it’s worth every ounce of effort, every late-night study session, and every decision to choose a cleaner, healthier way of life. The legacy you are crafting is immeasurable, and the world-changing impact is beyond our current comprehension. Stay the course, dear mama; you are changing the world, one choice at a time.

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Creating a Healthy Living Legacy


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